The current MTA bus network has many routes that are antiquated, serve outdated job locations and are too long to manage reliably. Additionally, the routes that currently traverse downtown Baltimore compound congestion and jeopardize on-time reliability throughout the system. Under BaltimoreLink, we've created a more efficient and reliable bus network by spreading out the routes within the downtown core and creating a grid of high frequency routes serving more downtown locations. To accomplish these needed improvements, we are implementing three levels of bus service:

Bus Wrap CityLink

 These color-coded “BRT ready” routes offer frequent, 24-hour service, form a downtown grid, and radiate out from the city on major streets.

Bus Wrap LocalLink

 These operate on neighborhood streets between the CityLinks and form crosstown “rings.”

Bus Wrap Express BusLink

Express BusLink:
 These offer limited-stop service between outlying areas and downtown. In Spring 2016 an express beltway “ring” was also created for the first time ever!

Network Diagram ExpressLinks Network Diagram LocalLinks Network Diagram CityLinks

Printable Regional Map

Explore a regional map of the entire proposed BaltimoreLink system to see how these services link you to the places that matter most. 

Regional Map


Interactive Google Map

For more detail, explore an interactive Google map of the entire proposed BaltimoreLink system!

System Map

Network Comparison Maps

Learn how the current MTA bus network will be converted into the exciting new BaltimoreLink network!

comparison map


BaltimoreLink Route Sheets

Detailed information on all the proposed BaltimoreLink routes, including a map of the route and a table that describes how it will operate.

route sheets