You can compare a trip on the current bus system with the equivalent trip on the BaltimoreLink system. The trip planner will show you which BaltimoreLink routes to take on your trip and the points to transfer between routes (if necessary).

To start a comparison, just click on the map to set your start and end points, enter a date and time, then click “get trips.” More detailed instructions can be found below.

Click to launch the Trip Planner!

How do I...?

Enter my start and end addresses?

Enter my start and end address There are two ways to do this: you can type them in manually in the “from” and “to” fields on the left side of the trip planner, or you can click on the map to enter them by selecting “set from” or “set to.” If your street address contains a cardinal direction, you must include it when typing; for example, "1600 N Charles Street." You can also type common points of interest; for example, “Medstar Harbor Hospital” or “Patterson Park.”

Switch between the current and BaltimoreLink systems?

Switch between systems The trip planner’s sidebar has two tabs called “Current System” and “BaltimoreLink System.” Click the tabs to switch between the available trips for each system, which are listed below the tabs.

Get one of the listed trips to display on the map?

Display a trip on the map The first listed trip for both the current and BaltimoreLink systems is automatically displayed on the map. To display a different trip from the list on the map, just click on that trip!

Get more information on a specific trip, bus route, or bus stop?

Get more info You can open a trip’s itinerary by clicking the itinerary icon: Interary Icon You can also get more information on specific routes and stops by clicking any of the stops on the map: Route Stop Icon Clicking a stop will open a popup that displays the stop name as well as the name of the bus route to catch from that stop.

Print my results?

Print Just click the "print" button on the left side of the trip planner! Before printing, make sure to zoom and pan the map to the desired area. Depending on the trip length, you may also wish to change the print layout from portrait to landscape.

Share my results with a friend?

Copy a Link Click the "copy link" button on the left side of the trip planner to copy the link to your map to the clipboard. You can then paste this link into an email (use the "Ctrl-V" keyboard shortcut), Facebook post, or text message. When another person clicks on the link, they'll get the same trip results that you got.