Launch a Google Map of the BaltimoreLink system!

You can click on any BaltimoreLink route on the map to learn more about it, and you can zoom and pan (move around) the map to see which neighborhood the route serves. More detailed instructions can be found below.

Launch the Interactive System Map

How do I use the map?

Plus and minus buttons Use the mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in or out, or click the + or - buttons in the bottom left corner of the map. Click and drag the map with the mouse’s left button to pan (move around) the map.
Scrollbar handle The left side of the screen (the sidebar) has a list of all routes. The sidebar has a gray scrollbar, which can be used to scroll down through groups of routes.
Red checkbox To hide a group of routes, uncheck the red box next to the group.
To learn more about a specific route, click on it on the map, or click on the route name in the sidebar. When you click on a route, it is highlighted in white on the map and its operating information is displayed in the sidebar.
Back button To deselect a route and return back to the list of all routes, click on any empty space in the map, or click the back arrow next to the route name in the sidebar.
Satellite icon A final tip: scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to see a small square with a satellite image. Click the square to replace the underlying map with a satellite view. Click the square again to switch back to the map.

Can I download the map?

Thumbnail Options  Sure! Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the sidebar, then select “Download KML.” If you’re familiar with Google My Maps, you can create a blank map, import the BaltimoreLink KML file into your map, and then tinker with the routes all you like!