BaltimoreLink is a complete overhaul and rebranding of the core transit system operating within the city and throughout the greater Baltimore region. The bus network prior to BaltimoreLink had many routes that were antiquated, served outdated job locations and were too long to manage reliably, especially those that traversed downtown Baltimore and compounded congestion. Under BaltimoreLink, we’ve created a more efficient and reliable bus network by spreading out the routes within the downtown core and creating a grid of high-frequency routes. To achieve MTA’s overarching mission of providing safe, efficient, and reliable transit across Maryland, with world-class customer service, BaltimoreLink:

  • Improves service quality and reliability;
  • Maximizes access to high-frequency transit;
  • Strengthens connections between MTA’s bus and rail routes;
  • Aligns the network with existing and emerging job centers; and
  • Engages riders, employees, communities, and elected officials in the planning process.

The timeline below represents the various phases of BaltimoreLink implementation. BaltimoreLink launched and all routes changed on June 18, 2017.

BaltimoreLink Timeline