Bus Wrap CityLink

These color-coded, high-frequency routes offer frequent, 24-hour service, form a downtown grid, and radiate out from the city on major streets.
Bus Wrap LocalLink
LocalLink: These operate on neighborhood streets between the CityLinks and form crosstown “rings”.
Bus Wrap Express BusLink
Express BusLink: These offer limited-stop service from suburb-to-suburb, and suburb-to-downtown. In June 2016 an express beltway “ring” was created for the first time ever!
Network Diagram ExpressLinks Network Diagram LocalLinks Network Diagram CityLinks

Commuter BusTo supplement the new CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink routes, BaltimoreLink adds and enhances several Commuter Bus routes to improve regional mobility. Whereas traditional Commuter Bus routes are designed to bring people from outlying regions into downtown Baltimore, many of the new and enhanced Commuter Bus routes are designed to make it easier to reverse-commute from central Baltimore out to growing regional job centers.

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School Service Option 2Transporting our children to and from school safely is one of the most important services the MTA provides. The BaltimoreLink plan ensures that 100% of the Baltimore City Public Schools that have transit service today will continue to have transit service.

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