Map of Express BusLink networkMap of Express BusLink network

The Express BusLink network provides fast connections between residential and employment centers. Express BusLink service is generally focused on serving peak-hour work commutes, but also includes new service during midday hours Monday through Friday and on Saturdays. The Express BusLink routes travel faster because they have segments of express, ‘closed-door’, service between their pick-up and drop-off areas. Many Express BusLink routes also utilize highways and interstates in order to provide fast trips for riders.

In addition to preserving many existing express services, BaltimoreLink introduces four new or enhanced Express BusLink routes:

As part of BaltimoreLink, service on the current No. 104 and No. 110 routes will be removed due to low ridership. Current No. 104 riders will be able to take the proposed Express BusLink 103 to downtown and transfer to either the CityLink Pink or Metro SubwayLink to reach Johns Hopkins Hospital. Current No. 110 riders will be able to use the more frequent CityLink Purple to travel between Catonsville and Downtown or Johns Hopkins Hospital. To view route information on all preserved, modified, or new Express BusLink routes, go to the Document Library.