Last Mile ConnectionsThe MTA is introducing new, on-demand, and shared use mobility choices to encourage transit use, facilitate first and last mile connections, reduce transportation costs, and improve overall efficiency of Maryland’s collective transportation system. Strengthening partnerships with local authorities and leveraging private-sector innovations means more and better options for people to complete their daily trips safely, reliably, and efficiently. Bike share, car share, microtransit, and locally operated transit support are all efforts under BaltimoreLink aimed toward improving mobility for the Region.

BikeshareBike Share

To improve first-mile and last-mile access to and from transit, MTA has partnered with Baltimore City to install bike share stations at targeted MARC Train, Light RailLink, and Metro SubwayLink stations. The City announced its Bike Share provider, Bewegen, who will be rolling out Bike Share in the city as early as September 2016.

Car Share

Car sharing provides affordable, on-demand access to cars. MTA will be adding car sharing to more than 20 MARC Train, Light RailLink, and Metro SubwayLink parking facilities, allowing transit riders to make the first or last mile (or several miles) of their trip without needing to own a personal vehicle.

2016 12 01 Bike Shares 01

Locally Operated Transit Support

MTA is supporting better connections between local transit operators and the BaltimoreLink network. Increased funding for the Charm City Circulator will support improved connections to the new CityLink routes. Additional funding and collaboration with the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will result in the development and implementation of a Fort Meade Shuttle, providing better connections between MARC Train stations and a major employment center.