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BaltimoreLink includes the planning, design, and installation of dedicated bus lanes to provide efficient bus movement through downtown Baltimore. These would enhance and complement the existing dedicated bus lanes on Pratt and Lombard Streets. Dedicated bus lanes minimize delays associated with auto traffic, particularly during rush hours. These lanes offer speed, safety, improved reliability, and improved on-time performance for transit vehicles. Planning and design for dedicated lanes is being done as a partnership between the MTA and the Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

Detailed maps for proposed dedicated bus lanes can be found in the document library.

Transit Signal Priority

Transit Signal Priority (TSP) will be implemented at key CityLink intersections. TSP reduces wait time at traffic signals for transit vehicles by holding green lights longer or shortening red lights to expedite travel through intersections. This technology will aid in reducing travel times and improves the overall reliability of the entire bus system.

Additionally, audible and visual safety alerts will be installed at 17 intersections downtown along Howard Street to alert patrons when a train is approaching.

Bus Priority Corridors 2017 1 25

Transit Signal Priority Corridors 2017 1 25